We are Named Finalist for the Hydrocarbon Processing Awards


We are proud to announce that we have been selected as finalist in the Hydrocarbon Processing Awards for its development of the COMPACS System! 

As one of four finalists in the “Best Asset Integrity Technology” Category DYNAMICS Scientific Production Center USA, Inc. is proud to be recognized for all its hard-work and innovation within the industry.


The Hydrocarbon Processing Awards celebrate innovative technologies and people that have been instrumental in improving facility operations over the past year. The awards cover 12 strategic categories in the hydrocarbon processing industry. More than 80 nominations were submitted from 18 countries. Each abstract was voted on by an independent Hydrocarbon Processing advisory board. The winners in each category will be announced during a black-tie gala at The Houstonian Hotel in Houston, Texas, on August 30.


The COMPACS System™ is designed to not only monitor machinery performance, but also identify issues and schedule maintenance before breakdowns occur. To start, the COMPACS system will eliminate accidents, fires and breakdowns through consistent monitoring and constant communication. The system will then optimizes the machinery in a way to eliminate unplanned downtimes. The system can detect specific issues within the machinery which ultimately leads to faster turnaround times as technicians can easily diagnose specific issues and repair them accordingly. By identifying specific issues, repair times and complexity of the repairs will go down. Finally, the COMPACS System ™ will reduce machine vibrations making the machinery more efficient, saving up to 7 percent of the energy consumption.


Currently, the COMPACS System™ has been providing real-time monitoring and diagnostics on over 2,500 machines of 2,430 different types. Each COMPACS System™ is designed to be turn-key ready for use upon installation. Our process starts from the ground up, starting with installation drawings and manufacturing the system to proposed specifications. Once developed, we deliver the system to the site and install. Once the system is up and running we provide continuous support that includes maintenance. The COMPACS System™ is available as a physical product or a system as a service (SAAS).


With over 26 years of experience and reaching across 12 different industries, Dynamics Scientific Production Center USA, Inc. is proud to be recognized for its work and development of the COMPACS System™. Our goal is to dramatically decrease operation risk while increasing the safety and operation efficiency of processing in the refining industry.

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We are going to take part in SMRP, Orlando, October 22-25, 2018.

We are going to take part in SMRP 26th Annual Conference and Exhibitions during October 22-25, 2018. You are cordially invited joining our booth to learn more about Ho


Our Mission is to research, develop and promote across the world the Technology of Safe Resource-saving Operation and Maintenance of Machinery of hazardous industries (SROMM-Technology) by creating real-time monitoring system for the automatic diagnostics of machinery at industrial sites to prevent all malfunctions, failures or breakages and to reduce the risk of accidents, fires and downtimes during any machinery lifespan
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